The Deep Dive: Fixing Auckland’s transport problem

Traffic gridlock in Auckland is an endless source of frustration for commuters and costs the city billions of dollars in lost productivity. But with almost nine cars for every 10 people in NZ it series feel like to don’t have any other options. Is there a way out of our reliance on cars? 

In the first episode of our new video series The Deep Dive to sit down with Timothy Welch from the University of Auckland to understand the history of Auckland’s transport and why solutions might not be what you think. Looking past huge multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects, he thinks there are impactful solutions to could start implementing right now that would help get the city moving in the right direction.

The Deep Dive takes a solutions-focused look at some of the biggest challenges facing New Zealand. Subscribe to Newsroom NZ on YouTube to make sure you don’t miss an episode.






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