Raw Politics: Greens eat themselves

This week on the Raw Politics podcast:  What’s eating the Greens, in what should be a big year for them? And Jo Moir tells us how Chris Hipkins came across as our chief statesman on his Aussie trip

The Green Party is pressing on with beginning to vote on its final party list from Friday, but it’s riven with caucus dissension and gossipy emissions to media.

Party members failed on an urgent call on Thursday night to delay the list vote until an internal inquiry into MP Elizabeth Kerekere is complete.

Raw Politics this week hears what’s going wrong and how the dirty laundry is awkwardly making the Green Party look a little like the divided National caucus of a year or two ago.

And we discuss how the relative newbie Prime Minister Chris Hipkins went on his quick trip across the Tasman for talks, meetings and awkward photo opportunities with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Jo Moir reveals he seemed slightly off his game initially and Sam Sachdeva refrains from food shaming the PMs over their ‘relatable’ hot dog sausage eating pictures.

We answer a listener question on why Te Pati Māori is possibly seeking celebrity candidates in general south Auckland electorates to boost their party vote numbers.  

And the panel recommends for your weekend pleasure a classic Yes Minister response on Sky TV, a wry look at the brain drain and a friend of the podcast’s moving story on TV1’s Sunday programme.

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Moir is Newsroom’s political editor, having been in the gallery for eight years also with Stuff and RNZ, Sachdeva is our national affairs editor, former political editor and was a Stuff political writer and Murphy is Newsroom’s co-editor, a former member of the Parliamentary press gallery and former editor-in-chief of the NZ Herald,

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This week’s recommendations:

– PM must stand up for Civil Service after Dominic Raab’s attacks (Sky TV UK)

– NZ shouldn’t be afraid of a brain drain after Australia deal (The Guardian)

– Not so golden years (Sunday, TVNZ)






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